5 Mistakes Beginners Make During Scuba Dive

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When you are new to scuba dive, there are various things that you are not aware of. Everything is so exciting and new to you that you may actually make a few common mistakes. Scuba diving should be fun and relaxing for you. So here is a guide for you to avoid such mistakes and enjoy your scuba diving experience.

1. Rushing To Keep Up During Dive

If you are new, don’t try to push your limits to keep up with professional divers. You should assemble your gears taking some time. Make sure you do buddy check before your dive every time. Once you are in the water, go down slowly and every few feet down, descend slowly. A good diver stays relaxed. When you push your diving limits to keep up with other experienced divers, accidents happen. You better stay controlled and low.

2. Getting Rental Gears For Dive

Rental gears don’t fit well most of the times, and they are always changing while you rent them. But a personal gear set with a good fit is great for you. You feel familiar in it. You will know where things are when something unexpected happens. Once you invest in right gears, always do good maintenance. It will last for many years.

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3. Do You Hold Back Questions?

Every professional or experienced diver was once a beginner. And to grow past the beginner level, you have to ask questions and practice the instructions. You need to gain experience, after all. So, there is no shame at all if you need guidance or want some clarification. Actually, many others also feel really embarrassed to ask questions.

4. Going After Many Things

Of course, it takes some good amount of time to become familiar in an underwater environment. You have to be aware of monitoring your air and buoyancy. Apart from breathing, you also must stay alert about your position near to the reefs as well as other divers. As you are a new diver, you need some diving experience before you add all the extra activities. With experience, you can shoot videos and take photos underwater. Your brain will feel loaded if you try to teach it all at once. You really don’t want that when you are underwater and new.

Before you add these other activities, take some good training from professional diving instructors first. An instructor can, later on, guide you to include other activities on at a time. It will make your experience much better.

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5. Delaying Your Dive After Getting Certificate

One of the biggest mistakes, a new diver makes is losing touch with the newly acquired diving skills. It is highly recommended to plan your dive very soon. Better if you practice your diving sooner after you get the open water certification. You should join your local club for diving to do the practice. Don’t dive once a year during your holiday. Make more instances for scuba diving. It will help you remember the instructions for a longer time.

If a lot of time has passed after your dive, then you must consider retraining to sharpen up your skills before diving during the holiday. You definitely want a wonderful experience, isn’t it?

As a beginner, keep in your mind to avoid these mistakes to learn better and with safety.

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