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5 Tips To Clean Your Scuba Gear

5 Tips To Wash Your Scuba Gear

Your scuba gear set is the most important thing for your underwater journey. These gears will give you support throughout. So, it is sensible to keep the things in its best conditions possible. Basic maintenance of the gears is quite simple. You just have to wash them immediately after each dive. As there are sand, salt, and small foreign substances are in the sea water, it can damage your gears.

5 Tips To Wash Your Scuba Gear
5 Tips To Wash Your Scuba Gear

1. Wash Scuba Gear With Water

Almost all dive shops have rinse tank. It stores fresh water to wash the gears. But if you are on your own to dive, you might not get access to the rinse tank. No worries! You can rinse your gears in a bathtub, large tub, under the shower or with a garden hose.

Some dive shops even have not one but two separate tubs. One tub contains detergent and water to wash booties and wetsuits. And they feel the other tub with fresh water for washing gears. If you are diving near the shore, your gears may be filled with dirt and sand. You must rinse them off immediately in a separate bucket or with a hose before washing.

2. Cleaning Of The Regulator

5 Tips To Wash Your Scuba Gear
5 Tips To Wash Your Scuba Gear

When you are cleaning your regulator, make sure that the dust cap of your regulator is dry, clean and in place, securely. It prevents water from entering at the first stage. It has internal components which are very sensitive to moisture.

Though, it is not advisable to submerge the first stage of regulator into the water. Leave it to soak because little bit water will surely leak into its first stage. After all, it is a dust cap only. Rinse this stage with continuous water flow for at least 1-2 minutes. Rotate the moving parts to ensure that there is no salt.

Use hose water for the second stage as well as the hose sleeve where the regulator attaches to BCD. You can slide the sleeve while you rinse your hose. Every part should be completely washed. Keep the regulator in an airy place and let it entirely dry before putting it inside.

3. Washing The BCD

Submerge your BCD into the fresh water and shake it well into the water. It will ensure that the salt water and salt crystals are not anymore. You also have to wash the inside part of BCD. Through low-pressure inflator and exhaust valves, water may go inside. You must wash the inside portion very well, so no salt water remains. If salt water remains, it can become crystal over some time. Because of these crystals, the exhaust valves can malfunction. The internal bladder can also tear.

Start with pushing the deflate button of the low-pressure inflator. At the same time, flow fresh water from a hose into the exhaust valve. When there is ¼th of water inside the balder, shake the BCD well. After that, drain all the water from BCD. Repeat the process for few times.

5 Tips To Wash Your Scuba Gear
5 Tips To Wash Your Scuba Gear

4. Wearing Materials

You must rinse your suits, gloves, and booties thoroughly. You can use some wetsuit soap for disinfecting or deodorizing these gears. Turn the items inside out for drying. Keep the suits in an airy place, so that they dry easily.

5. Washing Scuba Gear Like Snorkel, Mask, Fins

Submerge other equipment into the fresh water. Dunk them up and down until they are clean. Hung those on a wire to dry.

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