9 Diving Essentials For Beginners To Get Started

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Wondering what diving gear you have to buy for scuba diving? As a beginner, you don’t have to buy the gears. For the first few weeks, you can rent the equipment. However, having your own set of diving gear, during training, has its advantage. Here is the equipment that you must buy:

9 Diving Gear To Buy For Scuba Diving
9 Diving Gear To Buy For Scuba Diving

1. Mask – Most Important Diving Gear

If you can afford it, then at least buy a scuba mask. A comfortable, fitting, and high-quality mask can make your dive enjoyable. Choose the right mask and take it during your dives. You can get a rental mask, but most of them are not going to fit well.

2. Fins – You Definitely Need

Owning your own scuba fins set can boost your confidence during your dive. There variety of rental fins depending on styles, lengths, and stiffness. So, it is not easy to predict which fins will suit the best. There are divers who have unusual fin sizes.

3. Dive Computer – Calculating Diving Gear

If you don’t remember the calculating process of no-decompression limit, buy a dive computer as early as possible. These computers reduce decompression sickness. It writes a diver’s custom dive profile as you go deeper underwater. It is never acceptable to get guidance from other’s dive computer. Dive computers are very sensitive. These devices can catch small differences of a diver’s underwater profile. With difference, it determines the no-compression limits of a diver.

9 Diving Gear To Buy For Scuba Diving
9 Diving Gear To Buy For Scuba Diving

4. Suits

For a diver to stay warm, a well-fitted drysuit or a wetsuit is a must. A diver with average size can get his or her suit from any dive shops. But owning your suits for dive brings real comfort while diving. Most divers have to pee after diving or during dive. So you don’t want to wear the suit in which other people have urinated. Secondly, if you need to pee underwater, you don’t want to do it in a rental suit.

5. Regulators

Yes, the regulators are very expensive. But as they don’t need to be fitting, most divers rent these regulators rather than buying their own. These regulators are very much reliable. You can get well-maintained regulators for rental in most dive shops. If you want to purchase your own regulator, do some research. You would want it to last for years.

6. Buoyancy Compensator

These devices are bulky as well as expensive. So, most divers may get almost all of their personal gear, but not the BCs. They rent it to avoid the weight and bulk when packing baggage. With renting, you can check out a variety of BCs before you plan to purchase your own.

9 Diving Gear To Buy For Scuba Diving
9 Diving Gear To Buy For Scuba Diving

7. Accessories

If you have bought a BC, you need to carry your accessories and all other safety equipment with you during dives. Dive knives, whistles, surface marker buoys for surface communication, underwater lights, writing slates, and tank bangers are popular accessories. Purchase the earlier if you need them.

8. Tanks

Most of the time the tank rentals are included with the diving price from a dive shop. However, an independent diver will have to rent them or buy their own. These tanks require a hydrostatic test after every 5 years and visual inspections every year.

9. Weights

You don’t need to buy the weights unless you are planning independent diving. You can use weights from the dive shop if you have given money for diving.

Your diving gear is the most important asset for your entire diving journey.

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