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Diving Flashlight: Multifunctional Underwater Flashlight

Diving Flashlight: Multifunctional Underwater Flashlight

You’ll be needing a diving flashlight, also known as scuba torch while doing the scuba diving stunt. It is obvious that you would not get a well-lit area under the water. So, if you want to enjoy the inner beauty, you are needed to be equipped with a scuba torch. It is better to choose a multifunctional underwater diving flashlight for a better experience.

Dive Torch Underwater Flashlight

The flashlight we are talking about here is a smooth reflector made of aluminium. It illuminates the light via the LED lighting system. This system has a long life span. The approximate life span of the LED light is one hundred thousand hours. Along with that, the light colour is Ultra Violet. It is cost-friendly too for it requires only two batteries. The battery that you would be using for this diving flashlight is rechargeable itself. The three purposes of this flashlight makes it multifunctional. You can use the flashlight during hunting, camping, fishing or hiking as well. Apart from that, the UV Ray system helps you to see underwater with the use of this flashlight.

The UV ray can be useful during a hike as well. You can spot the dangerous insects and stay away from it. Nobody wants to get bitten by some poisonous insect. The UV ray has a wavelength of 365 Nano Meters. If you track bloodstains on the ground, it will emit UV ray from it. Due to the UV Ray feature, this flashlight is widely used among forensic professionals as well. It helps them to get information about the crime scene.

Making Of Scuba Torch

As it is said previously, it has a body of aluminium. Besides that, the torch is completely waterproof so that you can stay in water while using the torch for a long time as you want. But we would not recommend that it decreases the lifetime of the torch. The handle of the torch is designed skillfully to make sure it does not slip away of hand. The torch is portable apart from being durable and strong. Due to this feature, one can carry the torch anywhere they want without facing any kind of difficulty.

There are two modes in the switch. One I high and another is low. It is up to you which mode would be suitable for you. The two batteries that supply the power to the torch are of 18650.3 V each. It has four different types of emitter. You will find 5L2 Dive High Light and 3L2 Dive Low Light. Moreover, you may also check out 5UV Dive High Light and 3UV Dive Low Light.

There are different packages of this product. We would recommend you to choose the third option. This is so because in that case, you have no need to buy the extra required things apart from the package. That package comes with 1 Diving Flashlight, 1 Adjustable Hand Strap, 2 batteries of 18650.3V each, one charger for charging the batteries and a box to contain all these things.

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