Everything You Need To Know About Deep Dive

Everything You Need To Know About Deep Dive

If you dive deeper than 60 feet, it is deep dive. However, it has differences. But the depth limit changes according to the type of dive. For recreational diving, you can go 130 feet deep at max, whereas in technical diving, the divers go beyond 200 feet.

Everything You Need To Know About Deep Dive
Everything You Need To Know About Deep Dive

What Should You Do

There are a few things that you should do before going for deep scuba diving.

  1. Make a proper plan. Decide the depth you will go as well as the bottom time.
  2. Checking pre-dive safety is integral before going under the ocean.
  3. Full your tank with adequate air for ascent.
  4. Monitoring the depth and also the pressure gauge continuously is very important.

What You Should Not Do

  1. The diving plan should not go beyond the decompression limit of the diving computer in any way.
  2. Diving alone is a strict no-no. Take an expert with you.
  3. Do not surpass the bottom time and the depth that you have planned.
Everything You Need To Know About Deep Dive
Everything You Need To Know About Deep Dive

How Will You Start

So, you are ready for your first scuba deep diving? An instructor must be there to guide you in every step. It is better to join a course for learning the techniques. Two courses are there: one is Deep Diver Specialty Course where the instructors will train you to go till 140 feet under the ocean; another is advanced open water diver course where the trainer will teach you to go till 100 feet underwater. Once you get the accurate certification, you are fully eligible to dive deeper under the ocean.

Risks Involved

There is no such risk in deeper diving, if and only if you follow all the rules and proper methods.

Take Care Of Decompression Illness

In the air, oxygen, nitrogen and also other gases are present which go within us when we take deep breather before going underwater. But if the rate of ascent increases all of a sudden, the pressure drops which leads to the expansion of nitrogen. As a result, bubbles form and they create brutal pain within the joints. If you suffer from this problem of decompression, you need to treat yourself with hyperbaric oxygen within a recompression chamber.

Best Places For Deep Scuba Diving

Belize in the Caribbean Sea – Here you can go in a cave under the sea having a diameter of about 1000 feet. The splendid stalactite formations and coral reef will mesmerize you. The coral reef zone starts from 110 feet and reaches till 450 feet.

Blue Hole In Red Sea – This site is at Dahab in Egypt. Though you can witness breathtaking view and coral reefs, but this is a very dangerous place for diving.

Blue Corner Wall – This vertical drop-off site is in Palau in Micronesia. It starts at 10 feet and goes to a depth of about 1000 feet. Due to its beauty and the sight of sharks, giant groupers, turtles as well as different kinds of fish, it is very famous among the expert divers.

So, if keep in mind all these factors, you can become an expert in deep diving.

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