Free Diving Vs. Scuba Diving: 5 Diving Differences - Which Is Your Sport?

Free Diving Vs. Scuba Diving: 5 Diving Differences

Underwater view of a body of water

Freediving and Scuba diving are exciting and recreational activities that one can perform while visiting any sea beach near to coral reefs or one without it. Both are fascinating and provides the diver with a life-changing experience. Well, both of these sport are different though they look almost the same from a distance. The apparent difference between these sports is no tank vs. tank. But there are several other differences present. 

Let Us Have A Look At The Major Differences Between These Two Sports.  

1. Observation Techniques: Diving Differences

Free Diving Vs. Scuba Diving: 5 Diving Differences
Free Diving Vs. Scuba Diving: 5 Diving Differences

Freedivers can move freely underwater as their name suggests. Since they are not carrying any weights, the free divers readily keep up with the pace of the fish. And as they hold their breath underwater, the absence of bubbles does not scare away the aquatic life. The freedivers have the freedom to swim along with shoal of fish without messing with the group formation also can move with an eye to eye with the whale. 
While scuba divers have the advantage of staying long underwater, hence they can vibrantly enjoy aquatic life. 

2. Exploration:

Scuba divers benefit with better exploration time, while free divers do no get an advantage. While free divers doe not needs to bother for pulmonary embolism-effect, since they don’t carry those heavyweights with them. Freedivers can only attend the beginner’s diving courses, while the scuba divers are required to go for a specialty course.

3. Sociability:

Free Diving Vs. Scuba Diving: 5 Diving Differences
Free Diving Vs. Scuba Diving: 5 Diving Differences

Freedivers are suggested to go along with a buddy, for avoiding fatal injuries. This is not the same for scuba divers for it depends on the scuba diver whether to take or not. Whether recreational or line diving, a free diver remains underneath water for a few seconds, while this case is different for scuba divers, they can stay underwater as per the decision of the diver. After surfacing the free divers generally shares their experiences with their comrades. But this is not possible for the scuba divers.

4. Awareness About Diving Difference:

Freedivers awareness generally focuses on the outward abstraction that is towards the external environment. While the scuba divers awareness concentrates on the inward concept looking emotional comfort, enjoyment along with relaxation. Another most noticeable difference between scuba divers and freedivers is that free divers focus on improvements rather than an exploration of the sea.

5. Accomplishment:

Once you learned the methods of scuba, then it’s only a matter of time, you become an expert. With the required amount of practice, one is sure to accomplish the goals of scuba. While on the other hand, free is nothing exploring the deep down sea. The divers generally practice the dive to compete with other divers.


Diving world is an interesting one with ample of exciting things to do. However, it is up to you whether you want to go for free or scuba diving. Further, it is always advisable to be aware of the basics and be in the company of professionals.

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