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Full Face Scuba Diving Mask – Safety Never Compromised

Full Face Scuba Diving Mask

Scientists, advertisers, and experienced underwater photographers have chosen to put the complete scuba diving mask to the test. The main characteristic of the full face scuba diving mask is that you can usually respire and speak because you have no mouthpiece. Indeed, these masks were first intended to allow team members to communicate during the underwater operations. Today in the leisure diving industry, the full-face diving mask becomes more popular because its prices are cheaper and accessible. In this article, details of a full face scuba diving mask are given.

Full Face Scuba Diving Mask

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A full face scuba diving mask is a kind of dive mask that is used as a tool to secure the entire diver’s face from the water and incorporates the mouthpiece, the breathing valve, or the supply of continuous gas to provide the diver with breathing gas. It enhances respiratory safety and offers the divers’ equipment space to interact with the security team on the surface.

When you are buying the mask, if there is one thing you should remember, then it is about the quality of the product. Only because it concerns the safety of the diver, it is not advisable to take any risks with random products. While it is going to be an investment obviously, let us make sure it’s a good one.

Difference Between Full Face Scuba Diving Mask And Regular Diving Mask

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Here is a deeper examination of full-face scuba diving masks, which separates them from regular diving masks and checks when selecting a dive mask. With a full-face scuba diving mask, you can:

Get better holding power – The full face mask has many independent straps that need to be positioned around your head such that a mask deterioration is far less likely.

Secure from losing regulator – Due to the regulator’s obvious integration, it is less likely that a diver will inadvertently lose the regulator during a dive. And it removes the need to hang on to the mouthpiece for individuals with some oral and jaw problems.

Get larger vision – The full face scuba diving mask gives a greater vision of about 180 degrees than any regular diving mask.

Speak normally – This is the key reason, possibly for many people who shift from the regular diving masks. You can communicate with a diving partner, the ground boat, and everyone else on the same channel via integrated aquatic intercom systems. Any operation that needs better underwater communication requires more than just a regular diving mask.


Perhaps on recreational divers, you can not see many full-face scuba diving masks; however, you can see them on experienced and extreme water divers who require extra warmth on their faces. This form of the mask is often widely used for professional divers and underwater video and television shows because it can be supplied with intercom radios or other communication tools that allow divers to communicate with several other divers or record their comments. You can choose between a regular diving mask and a full-face scuba diving mask according to your needs.

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