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Portable Mini Scuba Tank Diving Equipment

Portable Mini Scuba Tank Diving Equipment

Scuba tank is an essential scuba diving gear in order to have the experience. Doesn’t matter if you are a beginner or experienced in scuba diving, you’ll need this gear during the journey. Because, water contains oxygen in its combination, but it does not let you to inhale oxygen to your lungs. The scuba diving gear is a portable and compact version of the large-sized oxygen tanks. In case you carry a real size oxygen tank, you’ll find difficulty in swimming. This is so because they are bulky and large in size. Besides that, they are expensive as well. These are the reasons you need a portable scuba tank as scuba diving gear.

Mini Scuba Tank Diving Equipment

The portable scuba diving gear is very easy to use. The large oxygen tanks are large and heavy to carry. These tanks can help you while light diving. Besides that, you’ll be needing an extra apparatus for breathing if you use the large oxygen tanks. This mini tank enables you to take air directly from it. There is a comfortable silicone mouthpiece that can be used for inhaling air from the tank. This feature makes this scuba tank an essential scuba diving gear for all. Furthermore, high-quality aluminium is used for making this scuba tank. This has been used because a high-quality aluminium is resistant to corrosion and oxidation. Alongside that, the tank is waterproof for up to 80 meters of depth under the sea. But what makes this scuba diving gear best in the market is the pressure relief valve placed on top of the scuba tank. This helps to relieve the pressure of air after filling it.

Is It Refillable?

Of course, it is refillable. Even you can fill it in three ways. You can use a manual inflator pump with high pressure for filling the tank. This is the primary and the most preferred way to fill the tank. You have to make sure that the pump is of more than 3000 psi. Secondly, you can use a scuba adapter and a large oxygen cylinder to fill it up. Sounds like charging your phone from a power bank. Isn’t it? Lastly, you can fill the cylinder of the scuba tank by using an electric inflator pump as well. The requirement of the pump power is the same as the manual one. It is needed to be of more than 3000 psi.


This scuba diving gear needs the high-pressure pump for refilling it for a reason. This is so because the scuba tank itself holds the pressure of 3000 psi. If you measure the unit in bar, then the capability would be 200 bars. If you compare it with the other tanks, you might find it lighter than the other ones. This makes it exclusive from other tanks. It weighs 970 grams only. It can carry 0.5 litre of oxygen in it. Furthermore, it has a pressure gauge in-built which enables you to check how much air is left inside the tank.

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