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Pros And Cons Of A Rebreather Diving Mask

Rebreather Diving Mask

A diver is not new to the Rebreather Diving Mask. In order to last for a longer time underwater, you must have the ability to control your breathing. When you normally breathe underwater, the exhaled carbon dioxide creates bubbles. A rebreather enables you to breathe your air without producing any bubbles. This alone is a revolution in the diving world. Just like any other device, this too faces criticism over its use and reliability. However, before coming to any conclusion you must know the pros and cons of the same. A rebreather diving mask has to be studied for proper functionality first. Let us know more and then come to any conclusion.

How Does A Rebreather Diving Mask Function?

The primary job of a rebreather to function properly is to throw out the used carbon dioxide. A canister filled with sodium hydroxide is placed at the terminal of carbon dioxide. Your exhaled carbon dioxide reacts with the sodium hydroxide and calcium hydroxide to form calcium carbonate. You have to replace the used oxygen. A small cylinder of pure oxygen supplies fresh oxygen through the breathing loop. These are some of the important tips to consider.

Best Rebreather Diving Mask
Best Rebreather Diving Mask

There are both a semi-closed circuit and closed-circuit rebreathers. The former uses only mixed gases while the latter has both pure oxygen and mixed gases. The third category is oxygen rebreathers which have only oxygen as the source. This is not recommended for longer use as it can cause oxygen toxicity. As these masks do not have to carry nitrogen, it becomes lighter in weight.

Pros Of Having This Device

A rebreather lets you last deeper and longer. The efficient use of gases enables you to last long as the nitrogen formation is reduced. This also decreases the decompression time enabling you to reach deeper. You can stay close to aquatic life in the absence of bubbles. An exothermic reaction takes place inside the rebreather which reduces the chances of dehydration. Also, the warm air helps you stay warm in the moist cold ambiance. The compact nature of the device allows you to save some space and weight on your back. The gas efficient tube saves your time of refueling the cylinder time and again.

Cons Of Rebreather Diving Mask

In the beginning, a rebreather mask will seem like learning to dive again. The complex kit and a more disciplined approach will take time to adapt. This device is expensive and timely maintenance will also cost you a few extra bucks. The size of a rebreather can be a little inconvenient when you are used to a single lightweight cylinder. Another con that is highlighted is the preparation time needed before the dive. The pre and post-dive assembly will take a good amount of time in the beginning. 

Best Rebreather Diving Mask Guide
Best Rebreather Diving Mask Guide


A rebreather diving mask is a boon to the diving world. Though it seems complicated to the beginners, it turns out to be quite useful in the long run. Analyze the pros with the cons and decide on your own.

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