Scuba Hand Signal Diving You Need to Remember

Scuba Hand Signal Diving You Need to Remember

You need to clearly understand the instructions before your scuba diving experience. Then further have clear and proper communication when diving with your group. These clear communications serve as a scuba diving tool for your group and the professionals. It is definitely not easy to instantly memorize all the signs and hand signals. Further using them at point of emergency becomes quite confusing as well. However, you need to keep your calm and clearly convey the instructions to your group and professionals. As it is the only scuba diving tool as a means of communication for you.

Scuba Hand Signal Diving You Need to Remember
Scuba Hand Signal Diving You Need to Remember

Scuba Hand Signal Diving

When you go in for scuba diving the professionals will teach you certain hand signal diving. This will be in use for you when you are underwater for your scuba diving. This hand signal diving makes communication clear even when you are underwater. Thus, there are some commonly used hand signal diving that you need to know.

Hand Signals

There are some common hand gestures which are known to us. These are some signals that we use on a day to day basis as well. So it becomes easy for you to learn while the scuba diving training session. Some of the hand gestures are mentioned below :


The ok hand signal diving is usually the first and easiest one to remember. This is the first signal that the professionals teach us before you go underwater. This response will be in use when the divers will ask you if you are ok. And in response to this, you will show your hand gestures. This is a positive reply to the question being asked to us. After this scuba signal diving is taught, the professionals go on in other hand gestures. Which are a bit complicated but very important for us to know before our diving.

Not Ok

Scuba Hand Signal Diving You Need to Remember
Scuba Hand Signal Diving You Need to Remember

Well, no one knows what might happen down in the ocean. Therefore, safety tips will help you to keep yourself safe. Rotate your hand down towards the sides. That’s how you refer when you face problems. I hope no one has to use this sign-in their diving experiences.


When you face problems then wave your hand towards your head like you are saying “hi”. However, the above water help is easy to get and understand. The boat and other safety guides will be present to monitor the situation and help you.


To swim upwards or end the dive, divers usually use ” thumbs up”. If you feel uncomfortable or have trouble breathing, all you have to do is give a thumbs up. You will immediately get help.


When you are planning to dive more in-depth, you have to use “thumbs down”. This will indicate your co-drivers to swim in the deep.

Come Here

To ask your co-drivers to come near you, use your palm up straight and bend the fingers towards you. This is a basic way we all use to call somebody in signs. You can also use various scuba diving tools to signal them.

Slow Down

Try to hold your palm and point downwards. This will indicate your diver friends to slow down the diving. Often divers get scared or feel endangered, they like to slow down their speed. In such cases, this sign is very useful.

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