Snorkeling: Using The Purge Valve -

Snorkeling: Using The Purge Valve

Snorkeling By Purging Or Not Purging – What To Do?

Snorkeling is a popular recreational sport and the number of enthusiasts is not about to go down anytime soon. Now frequently pursued by regular beach bums and serious scuba divers alike, many snorkeling hobbyists have been enticed to the purchase of snorkels rather than settle for the sustained rental of this device that is also identified as a component of a scuba gear package. While the purchase of snorkels can be viewed appropriate for experienced, frequent snorkelers; it would also come about as good advice to persuade first-time snorkelers to think about getting a snorkel – as one could easily get hooked to this recreation. For those not adept with pertinent snorkel features or as to which type to secure for a rendezvous at the beach, this article is for you to read and digest.

Snorkeling Without Purging

Snorkeling By Purging Or Not Purging – What To Do?
Snorkeling By Purging Or Not Purging – What To Do?

A non-purge snorkel is your average, everyday snorkel. The general design of this aquatic device comprises a mouthpiece on one end of a tube and a blowhole on the opposite end. Water seeps into the tube occasionally and the only way to get rid of the water is by blowing air through the mouthpiece. Nonetheless, pertinent advances in technology have to lead to the development of lightweight, flexible, sturdy and more stylish non-purge snorkels.

Non-purge snorkels come in all shapes and sizes – often priced cheaper than the purge models and easily available with most sporting goods retailers. Occasional snorkelers will find good use of non-purge snorkelers in view of its basic functionalities available at a low price range.

Purge Snorkels

With advanced technology and engineering come extensively functional snorkels. Purge snorkels are outfitted with purge valves that replace the blowing action required to clear water from non-purge snorkels. Purge snorkels are equipped with functionalities that allow as little water possible to penetrate the tube and be further classified as either semi-dry or dry purge snorkels.

Snorkeling Gears Of Other Types

Snorkeling By Purging Or Not Purging – What To Do?
Snorkeling By Purging Or Not Purging – What To Do?

Semi-dry snorkels are designed with caps that deflect water and prevent it from entering the snorkel. These snorkels need to be purged once in a while, though not as frequently as compared to a non-purge type; making the purge valve a welcome addition to the unit.

Dry snorkels, on the other hand, are equipped with caps that automatically close when submerged in water and open when exposed to air. With its purge valve, the dry snorkel is the most advanced piece of aquatic device a snorkeler could own. Purge snorkels are perfect for seasoned snorkelers and certified scuba divers on a break from the strenuous dives of the day.

What To Choose?

Purge snorkels aren’t a bad choice either for beginners who have some dough to spare. Though given the limited skills and experience of first-time snorkelers, beginners will find a good match in a non-purge snorkel such as the IST Flexible Non-Purge Snorkel. Imagine flexible, sturdy, stylish and affordable features all bundled in one snorkel. Why you can even integrate your personality to this snorkel since it comes in 8 beautiful colors.

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